California Quail

(Callipepla californica)

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California Quail Call

Quail Pips

Length: 9.4 to 10.6 inches.

Weight: 4.9 to 8.1 oz

Wingspan: 12.6 to 14.6 inches.

Lifespan: The oldest known California Quail was 6 years 11 months old.

Diet consists of mainly of seeds. Typically 70% of items eaten are vegetarian -- leaves, flowers, catkins, grain, manzanita and poison oak berries, and acorns. Birds will also consume invertebrates such as caterpillars, beetles, mites, millipedes, and snails.
Non-migratory. Quail will rarely move more than 10 miles from where they hatched.

Nest built of

Clutch size: 12 to 16 white/creamy eggs with varied brown spots. 1 to 2 broods per year.

Incubation: 22 to 23 days. Chicks are covered in brownish down at hatch.

As a precocial species chicks are able to walk, peck at the ground for food, and follow adult Quail on the first day of hatching.


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